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Whilst JATA aims to equip current and future practitioners of the theatre arts with all the necessary skills required of the professional “triple threat” performer, all our students experience the outstanding benefits of training in the arts – enhanced self-esteem and confidence, improved social skills as well as strengthened problem-solving and generative thinking abilities.

SING: Weekly, music theory lessons and private singing/vocal coaching classes designed to suit the requirements of the individual student.

DANCE: Group dance classes are offered in a diverse cross-section of styles including: Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop and African Dance.

ACT: Weekly private or semi-private acting classes are offered for students of all ages and levels with the syllabus to be individually designed to suit the requirements of the student/s.

For those wishing to excel in all three arenas of musical theatre, JATA has programmes and pricing options for various levels of skill and interest.

All our instructors are accredited teachers and/or industry professionals with unsurpassable knowledge and experience. This provides the students not only with a strong technique as well as up-to-date access to developing trends, but also affords them a solid network should they be in, or choose to enter the entertainment industry.

JATA also offers:

  • Musical Theatre Holiday Clubs
  • Short Courses and Workshops
  • Fun dance/exercise classes as an alternative keep-fit solution.

    Early Stage

  • Pre- and post-natal exercise classes
  • Tiny Tots Creative Movement, Dance & Drama classes

    Centre Stage

  • Exam and performance orientated dance, singing and acting training for children and teens
  • Musical Theatre Holiday Clubs

    Main Stage

  • Specialised professional dance classes
  • Performing Arts Short Courses and Workshops
  • Fun dancercise classes

For Moms, Tots and Pre-schoolers

  • Pre- and post-natal exercise classes
  • Tiny Tots Creative Movement, Dance & Drama classes

Pre- Natal Exercise Classes

Our workouts are safe and specifically designed for pregnancy to

  • improve muscle tone and strength (including the pelvic floor!),
  • increase stamina and energy,
  • decrease fatigue, anxiety, depression
  • decrease other side-effects of pregnancy such as backache and leg cramps,
  • reduce stress so you can enjoy your pregnancy,
  • increase strength and fitness levels leading to an easier labour,
  • make post-partum recovery easier so you can regain your pre-pregnancy body faster.

Also includes:

Breathing and relaxation techniques, helping you to cope with the demands of pregnancy and labour as well as bonding with your baby.

The instructor is a pre- and post-natal fitness specialist, qualified doula and mom!

Post-natal Exercise Classes

Struggling to get your pre-baby body back or get back into a gym routine with a small baby?

Not only are our workouts specifically designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and strength but baby gets to come along too!

Moms can feed, burp and change baby without leaving the room and certain movements are designed to include the babies as exercise apparatus.

It’s fun for all while the kilos fall off.

Instructor is a qualified aerobics instructor as well as pre-and post-natal fitness specialist.

Join our classes for a slimmer and trimmer you, without leaving your baby behind.

Tiny Tots Creative Movement, Dance and Drama classes

These classes are devised and intended for pre-schoolers and young children (ages 3 - 8).

Creative movement classes involve stimulating freedom of thought while allowing for beneficial, strengthening exercise which promotes:

  • balance
  • co-ordination
  • gross and fine motor skills
  • strength and flexibility
  • locomotion
  • rhythm and timing.

Combined with various forms of dramatic expression, these classes not only increase body awareness and lead to the development of positive self-image but also boost self-confidence and improve social skills to enhance social relationships.

For those children who wish to continue onto the SABOD Modern Dance Grade exams they can complete the Creative Movement and Tiny Tots Syllabus.


Ballet RAD

  • Primary Grade to Advanced

Modern Dance

  • SABOD Grades 1 – 12


  • ISTD Primary Grade to Intermediate



Hip Hop

African Dance

  • Non-syllabus
  • Minis, Juniors & Seniors


Private vocal coaching and music theory lessons will be offered for students of all ages and levels.

Syllabus to be individually designed to suit the requirements of the student and under the supervision of the qualified singing instructors.

Trinity College of London:

  • Classical
  • Rock & Pop
  • Grades 1 – 8


Group Drama Classes:

Minis, Juniors and Seniors

  • Improvisation – to encourage self- confidence and develop creativity
  • Speech Training - to develop elocution, vocabulary and oral communication skills
  • Characterisation and performance

Trinity College of London:

  • Drama & Speech
  • Individual / Pairs & Group Exams
  • Grades 1 – 7


Packages available for those 'triple threats' wanting to train in dancing, singing and acting.

Trinity College of London: Individual / Pairs & Group Exams, Grades 1 – 7


Musical Theatre Bootcamp for one week of each holiday period.

Culminating in a performance to showcase skills learned.

Contact us to find out more about upcoming clubs!

Professional Classes

  • Ongoing, specialized contemporary and jazz dance classes at professional level.
  • Weekly dance classes for actor/singers wanting to improve and refine their dance skills.
  • Once-off Audition Intensive classes: learn repertoire and style-specific choreography for upcoming auditions.
  • Vocal coaching and audition preparation with our singing and acting instructors.

Short Courses/Workshops:

These ad hoc courses run by industry experts include:

  • Musical Theatre Audition Workshop – ace that next audition after this intensive 'Triple Threat' programme.
  • Casting Techniques 101 for Models, Extras and Amateurs.
  • Crack that Casting for Children – adverts made easy!
  • Voice-over Make-over: Essential ‘how-to’ tips from script interpretation to interpreting the market!

Please see our What's Up page for current events or contact us for more info.

Additional Classes:

Fun dance classes for older teens and adults looking for an alternative way to keep fit! Dance your way to a fitter, healthier you!

Please see our What's Up page for relevant time-tables.

JATA’s studios will soon be available for hire.

Please Contact us to enquire about availability and a quote.